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10 Best Gay Dating Bloggers

Billed as “The Gay Love Coach, ” Brian Rzepczynski is your go-to for “Man 4 Man Coaching Services and Building Successful Gay Relationships.” A licensed dating and relationship coach, Rzepczynski offers up-to-date blogs and articles, answers reader questions and conducts coaching services, including a free consultation to “get the momentum going!”

Social Clout: 193 followers, 722 unique visitors/month


Bragging Rights: High success rate

The principle dating coach at Gay Dating Expert (GDE), Jonathan Welford, along with his partner Rob Hardy, helps gay men with life goals, phobias and anxieties, weight loss and smoking cessation, not to mention life coaching and therapy. With an ironclad “100 percent success guaranteed, ” it’s easy to take stock in this relatable dating expert.

Social Clout: 895 followers, 301 likes

Bragging Rights: Mystery

What’s better than an anonymous dating expert who refers to his dates as “The Thriller” and “The Colombian in the Bath” and rates them on a scale from one to 10? Not much. Such is the case with The Guyliner’s hilarious site that pretty much says what we’re all thinking and isn’t afraid to dish about the truth — even if it sometimes hurts.

Social Clout: 2, 000 followers

Bragging Rights: Video guru

Paul Angelo is a Florida-based coach and matchmaker concentrating specifically on gay men over 40. With charisma and a straightforward ability to talk to the camera, Angelo’s website has proven a one-stop shop for free tests and quizzes, client testimonials, dating tips and a member’s only area that offers advice on sex and intimacy.

Social Clout: 321 friends, 531 unique visitors/month

Bragging Rights: Comedic advice + pie

A working comic and writer based out of New York City, Michael Martin is “PIEFOLK, ” a site that offers insightful podcasts dealing with awkward dates, gay issues and “whatever he finds strange or irksome.” He also bakes, which is where the “PIEFOLK” comes from. Martin is humorous and in no way rated PG. He creates sex in the kitchen (whether baking or on a date) and never apologizes.

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