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Coffee Meets Bagel vs

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(This post was originally published in 2014 and is back by popular demand!)

If you’ve learned anything from Pride this year, aside from what a jock-strap tan line looks like, it’s that you deserve the very best. Whether it’s with your family, at your workplace, or in the bedroom–you should never feel like you need to settle for less. So why are you still using second-rate dating services to find meaningful connections?

It’s time to treat yourself to a new online dating experience, because you’re worth it. And as goddess RuPaul always says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” Wise words Ru, now let this guide help you make the switch!

Supernatural, Castiel, gay, do not wantA.K.A. Sultry vs. Scary, we’re guessing he was working on becoming a real life Deuce of Spades.

The choice is clear.

Some people really like to cut to the chase.

But hey, if water closet first dates are your thing…

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Notice the one-sided, self-indulgent nature of Mr. Frat-Star’s Grindr conversation.

The Queen does not approve.

Because “Well, it was dark, and I was drunk and lonely…” doesn’t make for the warmest, fuzziest story.

~If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it~

Life is fabulous, but short. Don’t waste your time searching for love in all the wrong places.

A grinder is for coffee beans, graduate to Coffee (and a delicious Bagel).

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