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comes complete with all the essential features anyone would expect of an adult dating site and makes hooking up easy. They offer discreet billing, easy mailbox management and profile features found on various other high user populated websites. You can quickly get laid using the site and membership costs are fairly reasonable.

When I first heard about Free Hookups and searched it for the first time the homepage seemed a little too much like one of those scam sites, set up to simply generate a large mailing list for junk mail, a little too common. However after setting up an account and using the service for around 2 months its quickly become one of my more favorable dating sites. It has the functions that I have come to expect of such a site, for example a simple and discreet billing service, tailored search service and an easily manageable inbox system. Overall if you are looking to meet sexual partners easily I would recommend it.


Similar to most dating sites there is a trial free membership option which allows you to create an account and get to know the layout of the site, although I don’t see why anyone would actually have this membership as you can’t actually use any of the site functions. However for anyone serious about getting laid there are both the silver and gold membership options. If you are seriously wanting to use the site but are weary of paying for membership they do offer a trial membership that grants 3 days access. I would recommend the silver membership for most people as the services given with this package are more than enough to meet other members and swap information. You can message members, do advanced specific searches, view other members pictures and videos and get listed above basic members in search results. However I wouldn’t be put off from getting the gold membership if you justify the costs. Gold membership gives you the chance to upload your own photos and videos, contact all members, and will be listed above all other membership levels in the search results. Your profile will also be displayed in searches that don’t necessarily match your description however this means that even more people will get the chance to view your profile. You also get access to the “gold room’which is an area of hardcore porn videos, although if you are using the site to meet other people this isn’t really an enhanced feature, more of just an added value thing. The membership costs I thought were pretty reasonable for this kind of service and are actually cheaper than some conventional dating sites such as E-harmony.

Your Free Hookups Profile

I was pleased with amount of extra information I could put about myself on my personal profile. This was pivotal in getting to chat with people as it gave me something else to chat about with members. When trying to hookup it’s important to play it right from the start. I found that the areas within your profile such as hobbies, pass times, favorite things etc, gave me a lot more to talk about with someone, which in turn lead to more connections and more opportunities for casual sex. However you must put some time and effort into your profile if you want to be successful. With many male accounts you have to stand out. Photos of me doing adventurous things worked well and showed women I knew how to have a good time. Uploading images was easy through the site and image quality was maintained pretty well.

Another feature of the site and its profiles I enjoyed was the video profile option. The site allows you to upload a video and the limitations are few. Some people wanted to show off their bodies while some of the more adventurous women decided to show a little more, let’s say, intimate side to themselves. I found that simply talking through my description worked well. Explaining some of the things I had written in my hobbies section or talking about funny dating encounters in the past. I wanted to try to get them laughing so I included a little humor into my speech.

First search through profiles

During my first few searches I left the filter pretty open which allowed me to look at as many profiles as possible. I know some people are very picky with body type, age, ethnicity, hair etc. However with FreeHookups you are not forced to filter which I thought was great. It seemed as though they pushed all their more popular girls to the first page however which seemed slightly strange to me and gave the site again that fake appearance however this may just have been a tactic to gain interest or the girls just happened to all be gold members. However after skipping through a couple of pages I got to let’s say the more ‘average’members. My advice would be to just message as many of these girls as possible. With writing more first lines you’ll inevitably get better at it as I found out after a few days trying to get members to reply. One thing that I think could be included in the site Is a ‘last online’feature or something along those lines which would allow me to see how frequently someone is online. You could be wasting your time messaging some profiles if the person hasn’t logged in for 5 months or so. This would allow you to target users that are more likely to see your message and respond. I know this is a problem for many people so it may be added to the site in the near future.

Facebook similar functions

One way in which you connect with other members is by sending them a profile to profile friend request. It can be a good way in with someone as if they have sent you a friend request or have accepted your request then they must be somewhat interested or have liked what they’ve seen. I tried to send friend requests to people who I intended to try to talk to. This almost was like simply gathering a list of potential ‘candidates’so to say. This never really amounted to anything as I would guess that attractive girls get sent tons of friend requests. I found that messages worked better in getting a response as it was more direct. This could be a fun addition to the site however as it makes your experience on the site more sociable.

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