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What online dating site is best for no-strings-attached sex hookups with hot girls?

The chances of getting a "hot girl" are pretty low if not impossible. This is before you factor in all the fake profiles out there, both created by the site owners as well as men posing as women.

None of them are any good and all of them are full of fake profiles trying to trick you out of your money.

Adult dating sites are disproportionately populated by men. Even if you look half decent and act half decent your ability to show it on the website is very limited. Women get hundreds if not thousands of emails from guys who are desperate, look like and act like crap and it is hard for them to sift through the chaff and find normal people. The chances of getting a woman's attention are pretty low.

Since you are going straight for the hookup I suggest you browse the category and pick up some toys, and male enhancement products to make the most of your time.

I highly recommend it to improve your success in every opportunity with women.

Second. you can try your luck at dating sites that are not meant as "hookup only". OkCupid is pretty good and recently Tinder is a good option. You will of course need to talk to women more than you probably want to and you will find a lot of women who are only looking for a serious relationship, but if you're persistent you should get some luck.

Finally. You might want to look at websites that cater to niche sexual groups. For example FetLife is meant as a social network for BDSM and all kinds of fetish stuff. While it's not a dating site there are no fake profiles made to get you to pay and there are no elaborate schemes to make you pay (there is a paid account option but it's only there to view videos). Similarly, if you're ok with exploring threesomes with couples (no you won't get two girls, it's usually a male-female couple) sites like SwingLifeStyle are pretty good.

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