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Hinge v/s Tinder: The better dating app?

It depends on whether you're looking for a girlfriend or a hook-up.

I’ve been online dating for years.

In New York, it became my full-time hobby. Perfecting my profile, coming up with witty text messages, juggling multiple guys. It was fun. And even when the guy turned out to be a dud, there was always a free drink. I would go on dates so often that I’m sure my favorite bar thought I was a high-class hooker.

Then I came to the dating wasteland that is Mumbai. It seemed that at my age (an ancient 32), all the guys I met were married or men looking to get married. A far cry from the 40-year-old career bachelors of New York. Online, I was horrified to find only India matchmaking sites for a quick wedding. One day a friend recommend Tinder, an app I had always assumed was purely for sex. She said it might be a sex app in the west but in India, she insisted, Tinder was definitely a dating app.

So I gave it a try. Provided with bare minimum information (first name, age, location) and around five pictures, I would swipe blindly left and right hoping to find someone interesting. When matched with someone, we would go through the requisite text message interview: Where are you from, what do you do, where did you grow up? All that time and effort only to find out he is a dog person who loves EDM and deep house music, while I am a diehard rock girl with two cats.

I went on a few Tinder dates, but 9 out of 10 turned out to be painfully boring. It was an effort to keep up conversation for at least two drinks, just to be polite.

Enter Hinge.

At first, I was creeped out by the amount of information it provides. While Tinder keeps it basic, Hinge gives away the cow for free. All of your Facebook information is displayed: Full name, age, job, hometown, school, neighborhood. That is one Google search away from a personal email address or phone number. But as I continued flipping through profiles, I discovered I liked knowing that Kumar went to school in my hometown or that Raj is a professional photographer. At the very least, I had a guarantee of something… anything. to talk about.

Another advantage Hinge has over Tinder is that you’ll always have a Facebook friend in common. The potentially disastrous anonymity Tinder offers is wiped away, and suddenly, you have full accountability. A couple of text messages to common friends and you know whether the guy has a yen for intravenous drugs or beating puppies. Or worse, that he broke up with his last girlfriend via text.

So, my highly scientific analysis is that Tinder IS a sex app. On the hunt for a quick hook-up? Look no further. But if you are looking for a real date, try Hinge.

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