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If you are looking for believability, please try to remember this is a comedy.

The critics are being pretty harsh on this film, and yet they give high praise to such films like Role Models and Get Him to the Greek, so go figure. But I had a lot fun with Due Date, It was a fun slapstick misadventure, almost what we loved about The Hangover, so it is clear to say I don't agree with the critics on this one.

Peter(Robert Downey Jr) an architect looking to get home to his pregnant wife(Michelle Monaghan) who is expecting in a week. And when he gets on a plane, he quickly gets kicked off, when he gets into an unfortunate incident with Ethan(Zach Galifianakis) a pot smoking moron, and wanna be actor, who is obsessed with the show Two and a Half Men. When Peter is looking for new ways to get home. Ethan has a car and offers to drive him. Although it is against Peters better judgment, but feeling there is no other way, he goes with him. Will Peter make it on time for his child's birth, or will Ethan drive him nuts during this?

A lot of people said this is a Plane, Trains and Automobiles ripoff, but you know what who cares. This was a funny laugh out loud film. Downey and Galifianakis have funny chemistry, they just play off each other perfectly. Like The Hangover it is one entertaining misadventure, I say don't listen to the critics, see this movie and form your own opinion.

Reviewed by rollerqueen 1 / 10

Awful, Unfunny, Save Your Money!!!

After R.D.J.'s excellent performance in Sherlock Holmes, I thought it would be a pretty safe bet that he wouldn't be into making turkeys.Unfortunately, I was wrong. This film is everything a movie shouldn't be.It is gross, offensive and totally without merit.One can only ask Why? Robert Downey Jr chose this dross to perform.The comparison to Planes, Trains and Automobiles is all too clear- but that was an excellent piece of film making and Due Date just isn't.The 2 characters don't mesh, there is no growing bond which you see in Planes etc it's too unbelievable that R.D.J's character who has some intelligence would ever stoop to find worth in anything his overbearing unstable road partner would do.Suddenly in one leap- he confesses he "loves" the guy.And wants to stay in touch. The charm and poignant detail of Planes is sadly lacking.There is no character development, we don't have emapathy for the nerd character, and by the end of it, I had none for R.D.J's character either.An embarrassment to R.D.J's great track record, a bitter blow to your pocket and expectations of an entertaining night out.This film sucks.

It might not be fair to compare it to PT&A but unfortunately, I am

When you make a road trip movie, and you have two mismatched characters sharing that road, one can't help but to think back to John Hughes 1987 masterpiece Planes Trains and Automobiles. It might not be right, but unfortunately, it just happens. And when you do, you come up with the conclusion that this film is a food stamps version of the real deal. While Todd Phillips is talented and Zack Galifinakis and Rober Downey Jr. are fine actors, the material in this film is just mean. In every way.

In PTA you had a work-a-holic who was trying to get home for Thanksgiving only to get stuck next to a slob. John Candy was that slob and for all of the shortcomings of his character, Del Griffith, the character, knew he was a bit of a slob, he knew he was a bit annoying and he knew that he was a bit hard to get along with. But when all was said and done, he was a sweet man and absolutely knew WHO HE WAS. If you compare him to Zack's character, it's like comparing a character after he has been through the editing process 17 times as opposed to the original draft that Galifinakis seems that he is. Candy might have been written like Galifinakis' character is at the beginning, but Hughes took the time to polish and shine him. And what we were left with a family man, indelibly devoted to his wife and a man who was giving, honest, kind and principled. He was flawed no doubt, but he wasn't a jerk. The same can be said about Neil Page, flawed, but a decent human being.

Due Date has unlikable characters. I mean every single character in here (with the exception of Downey's wife) is a complete jerk at times. Ethan Trembley is so over the top that you just can't take him seriously. He is just mean and he is such a slob that you have no empathy for him. Peter Highman is an angry, violent rage of a volcano that even when he is being helped across country to see his wife, he finds it hard to be nice. This is a man who will punch a child, spit in a dog's face and leave a man broke at a rest room while stealing his car. I found it hard to like any character in the film, but especially the two leads.

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Due Date - Download the FULL Movie
Due Date - Download the FULL Movie
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Due Date Watch Movie Free Part 3
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Watch, Download Free Film Trailer of Movie "Due Date" & "Me
Watch, Download Free Film Trailer of Movie "Due Date" & "Me
Due Date
Due Date
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