International Internet dating

The world of international Internet dating

Jefferson High School graduate David Bauer recently published a book detailing his positive experiences with international Internet dating.


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David "D.W." Bauer's journey to authorship is not your conventional journey. He didn't intend to write a book, but he wanted to add his positive take on a world where there were so many naysayers: international Internet dating.

"My book is an open look at following my heart overseas, " he said. "It is also about my travel experiences in the former heart of the Soviet Union."

A 1991 graduate of Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Bauer's interest of women from the former Soviet Union began when a group of Soviet students visited Alexandria in the summer of 1990. He was part of a host group and quickly bonded with Anastasia, the Soviet student leader.

Years later, after writing a screenplay about international dating, he decided to give it a try. After an "amazing" date with a woman named Maria in 2014, he quickly wrote down the details so he wouldn't forget.

"When I first researched international Internet dating, I was discouraged by the negative stories out there, " he said. "I had a good and interesting experience."

"Being a Minnesotan in a former Soviet country, there was no shortage of interesting material to write about, " he said.

By early November, he had finished a rough draft and found an editor. With the help of Amazon's and Barnes and Noble's self-publishing services, the e-book and print version of Three Extraordinary Women of Ukraine and One Foolish Man were available by mid-January.

Over Christmas week, the e-book was rated number one in the Amazon category "Bestsellers in Belarus and Ukraine Travel Guides" and has since fallen to number 19.

The son of Donna Bauer and the late Peter Bauer, Bauer grew up on the west end of Lake Latoka. He frequently wrote for his school newspaper and yearbook and later earned a Bachelor of Arts in environmental science and a Master of Science in soil science.

He is a licensed professional soil scientist for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, overseeing erosion and sediment control on road construction projects in the Twin Cities area. He enjoys writing and producing independent film and TV, including a feature-length movie, Gehenna.

Three Extraordinary Women of Ukraine and One Foolish Man is available at Cherry Street Books in Alexandria and online at and

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