Meaning of International Date Line

International Dateline

Gently nudging the International Dateline, the breathtaking Kingdom of Tonga, also known as the "Friendly Islands" is the first country in the world to greet the new day.It may be Russia, and they may be on the other side of the International Dateline, but that doesn't matter to us.every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, cross the international dateline, and arrive in Honolulu at 1:05 p.And shifted the International Dateline into the bargain.Aviation legend and businessman Clay Lacy used the Iridium system and the `SatTalk' phone to place the first Iridium call of the new millennium while travelling across the international dateline on his Boeing 727.On my atlas, from where I'm sittin', from the way my TV cable box is pointed, these Winter Games are in the Pretty Far West If You Overshoot Hawaii and Cross the International Dateline.This new service, operating across the international dateline, will commence operations from Papeete on Tuesday, April 4, 2000, departing at 7:40 a.crosses the international dateline, and arrives at Sapporo's New Chitose Airport at 7:00 p.Network representatives will initiate ATM transactions in New Zealand just across the international dateline to assure system functionality.Those who wish to get the most out of the 20th century would be wise to travel to Tahiti to celebrate New Years as the Tahitian Islands are just east of the international dateline, " Lou Leopold said.By taking advantage of the international dateline, the shipments are actually delivered in the afternoon or evening of the same calendar day.South Korea is 19 hours ahead of Honolulu and the flight crosses the International Dateline.
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