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Which online dating sites should people join?

You've asked a very good question and the answer depends on a variety of factors including what you are seeking, how you tend to go online, and whether you are willing to pay for such services.

To further explain different dating sites have had varying levels of success with some being more effective in matching the casual dating crowd while others have yielded positive results for the relationship-minded. In terms of the former arguably Tinder has proven to be successful and for the latter Match.

Online activity - whether it be on a computer or on your smartphone - should help determine how you would prefer to use the services, and for those who enjoy smartphone usage both Tinder and Happn are worth considering - in the case of the latter Happn advises members who they have passed by and can reach out to them, however after a few courtesy tokens one is expected to pay.

For computers (or a hybrid of this and smartphones) Match and Plenty of Fish are worth considering as options but in terms of whether to use one or both depends on the factor of price.

In the case of Match it is a subscription-based service thus members pay monthly to be able to use their database and communicate with others in the hope of finding the right person. Plenty of Fish is freemium and thus a wide network is available to reach out to, although paid upgrades exist to help boost your chances.

One of the drawbacks of the latter option is that as a result of it being freemium a chance is risked of countless messages being sent without any reply, and a large number of messages being received with few being of the person you are seeking. Some legwork is therefore expected although it is worth noting that both have been effective and I know individuals who have met their partners through these websites.

Sites such as OKCupid and eHarmony also draw a large follower base due to the algorithms they use to find matches, and once again are catered further towards the relationship-minded.

I would be remiss to ignore the dating site I founded, , with a launch date set for this February which takes a different approach to online dating in an attempt to build connections based on quality, not quantity - membership is free (and those who register interest before we launch will receive a free featured membership upgrade for a year) as is the use of our site. The reason for the site name is because if a member (let's call them A) sees the profile of another member (B) they can ask them out on a date. B can then after reviewing the profile decide to accept. At this point A pays us a fee to unlock messaging and organize the date. If the date doesn't take place the fee is credited back into A's account, and if the date does takes place then 30 days after the initial fee was paid a portion of it is paid into B's account as a way of thanking them.

The intent is to design a model where our success depends on our members' success, and where we can give a voice to people in showing their serious intent when reaching out to someone so that both quality and probability of dating are raised.

To conclude when reviewing factors such as how serious you are in dating, how you prefer to use online dating, and whether you are willing to pay to help achieve your goals this should help narrow the search.

Providing a list again of the dating sites and apps I mentioned in my response are:




Plenty of Fish


I hope this information may be of use and wish you the best of luck with your search - regardless of where you find your partner there is someone out there for you and online dating has proven to be a highly effective platform in seeking them.

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serious online dating sites
serious online dating sites
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