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1. Tinder vs. Match: Features

The video above from the LA Times explains how to use the Tinder dating app.

Tinder and Match have their own unique set of features, but they also have several features in common.

Basically, Tinder lets you connect with people nearby that the app thinks you should know. You can pass on them, or start a chat with them to see if the sparks can fly. The app uses info on your Facebook profile to find matches, based on shared Facebook friends and interests. Additionally, the app lets you try you hand at matchmaking: you can pair two Facebook friends that you think should get to know each other better.

The Match dating app got a big, mobile-friendly earlier this year. While it doesn’t quite have Tinder’s simplicity, this dating app is fairly feature-rich. There are lots of different types of relationships you can choose from. You can see singles near you in the Stream, or you can try the Mixer to meet people at “warp speed.”

2. Tinder vs. Match: Interface

Tinder arguably has the zippier of the two interfaces, and its very easy to swipe to see new potential matches. The interface is just plain simple, and that appeals to a lot of people. The interface also gets high marks because of how quickly you can start using the app, thanks to seamless Facebook integration.

The Match app interface is a bit more complex, but what you lose in simplicity you gain in rich data. Logging in can take a bit longer than with Tinder if you don’t already have a account. Overall, however, the Match app provides a great blend of pictures and info.

3. Tinder vs. Match: Privacy & Anonymity

The video above from CBS outlines why so many people love using Tinder.

One of the biggest concerns people have when they use a dating app is privacy. Both Match and Tinder have had their fair share of security issues. Match has long been a harbor for unsavory scammers, while Tinder was notably hacked earlier this year.

However, Tinder has some decent privacy settings. Unless the person you like likes you back on Tinder, they won’t know you have an interest in them. This makes the privacy factor high and the embarrassment factor low.

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